About The Site

Being a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise I was constantly checking for casting news during the Goblet of Fire era. Naturally I read that a relatively unknown actor Robert Pattinson was cast as Cedric Diggory. A few pictures from his modelling work here posted with the article and I thought to myself, this guy is pretty cute.

My curiosity led me to look into the few things he had previously done and I slowly started to become a fan but the idea of making a fan site did not come to mind, partly because I had so many already! One fine day I was checking MuggleNet and saw that he and Stan Ianevski (Viktor Krum in Goblet of Fire) had attended the House Of Wax UK Premiere. I noticed that there was a serious lack of coverage and pictures from the event and thought that more people than just me would like to see more.

I started looking around for fan sites for Robert but couldn’t find any besides a Cedric fan site. It was then that I decided that I had the abilities and resources to build a fan site for this very attractive man that people would fall in love with, and try to provide the fans with everything Robert Pattinson they could possibly need.

It has since been over 6 years and Robert has risen to superstardom because of his role in the Twilight saga and generally just being a talented, nice guy, so I’m sure the site will be around for at least 6 more.