Short clip of Rob and Kristen backstage at the Teen Choice Awards

During Access Hollywood’s feature on the Teen Choice Awards a short clip of Rob and Kristen talking and walking backstage was shown, watch below!

  • Becky from Texas

    Change the subject for a second, if you love kristen try forgiveness no one ever said forget. True love that’s meant to be will be you both have to work together if its going to work at all. It shows you both love each other so much. First thing is go find a safe place no one knows of and sit spend the weekend talking go to meetings. You have years of being together that means something. No one said what she did was right, a man twice her age knew a hell alot more on what he did was wrong. Please try. I’m always told to stay out of others business, I can’t I’m a sucker for love. Plus I’m a fan I watch twilight a least 2 times a week. My husband will even try to find it on tv once he does he knows I’m not moving from my seat or talking to anyone. Its like I never get enough. I found my sweetheart at 15 while pregnant he meets up with a friend of mine. I forgave him, we have been together 31yrs. now. 2 daughters and 3 grandkids. Try working with each other leaving the news out of it all.

  • Chantal

    once a cheater always a cheater, leave that girl, you will find the love of your life anyway..

  • Ginger from Texas

    I agree with you Becky from Texas.

  • Ladybug

    I honestly would not know what to do if I was in the same situation. I can only say, follow your heart. Try not to pay any attention to those around you, ie, the media or those crazy paps. At the end of the day it is you and whomever you chose to spend it with. So if you choose to leave then leave. If you choose to stay, then stay. You only live once and if either choice is a mistake then you will know it. And if you do choose to stay with her then she better basically kiss the ground you walk on. And show you the public affection you deserve. I will say that I was a bit taken aback by the PDA in those photos. And whenever it was Rob and her it was like not allowed. What’s up with that? And Rupert’s wife and Kristen kind of look alike to me and I read somewhere that he got with his wife when she was just 18 so he seems like a predator for those young girls. His wife better watch out.