Robert Pattinson talks the end of Twilight, vampires, future projects 20 Minuten Online

How do you like the Twilight showdown?
Robert Pattinson: When I first read the script I was pretty shocked. The ending with all its fights is rather untypical for Twilight. It’s going to be interesting.

Have you been interested in vampires beforehand?
Actually I’m not a fan of vampires at all, but of course I don’t have anything to object to them, too. Before shooting the first movie I did a lot of research, but I noticed quickly that there were hardly any similarities between Twilight and other vampires. Stephenie Meyer developed her very own imaginations in the books the movies are based on.

In what way has Twilight influenced your life?
Before the movies I didn’t really want to become an actor, but immediately I became famous and got recognized everywhere. After this success I could hardly do any other job, otherwise people would have asked me, what type of job I’d be doing there. Twilight has opened many doors for me and it made me look at my life in a different way.

The fans are looking forward to the highlight of the vampire-saga, but you’re also sad that it’s coming to an end. How are you feeling at this point?
I can relate to them. But right now I’m curious about how my life will continue without Twilight. Up to now I’ve returned from any other project back to Twilight. I’m curious about what my future will bring.

That sounds mysterious. Will you reveal where we’ll be seeing you next?
I’ve committed myself to about ten movies in the next year. Including “The Rover” with Guy Pearce. Then I’ll proceed with “Hold on to Me” where Carey Mulligan will be playing a femme fatale. Furthermore I’ll be playing with Naomi Watts and Jude Law in “Queen of the Desert” and after that I’ll be in “Maps of the Stars”, another movie by David Cronenberg.


  • Eleftheria

    Well Bill Condon has achieve technically the most interesting movie so far for the twilight saga , even though i haven’t see him in action movies.The battle on the snow field was great and he remind us vampire’s dress code pale faces ,make a wonderful contrast with their black and red cloaks .About the actors they seemed to enjoy it and i loughed when the bad twist on the battle was in Alice’s vision. However why the love scene of the tormented young couple appears like a collage of small scenes and let you at a loss? it was rather prudish when you see violence at the end . Except this fact i can say ,i liked the movie.

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