Rob will not participate in the ‘Cosmopolis’ Press Junket on August 11th

ETOnline editor Jarett Wieselman has just announced that Rob has pulled out of the press junket scheduled for ‘Cosmopolis’ on August 11th. It is unclear whether Rob will be in attendance for the premiere on the 13th which he had not been previously confirmed for, or the Q&A on the 15th which he had previously been confirmed for.

More from the ETOnline website:

It seems Robert Pattinson isn’t quite ready to face the media in the wake of girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal.

The reclusive star, who was recently spotted in his native U.K. following the events of last Wednesday, just cancelled an upcoming U.S. press appearance in to promote his film Cosmopolis.

No word yet on whether or not Pattinson will appear at the premiere scheduled for August 13 in New York City.

Rob’s rep has released a statement via GossipCop:

A rep for the actor tells Gossip Cop, “Cosmopolis is a film that Robert is very proud of and looks forward to supporting.

“No confirmed engagements have been canceled,” says the rep, adding, “Any reports to the contrary are inaccurate.”

And from EOnline:

The studio apparently had tentatively scheduled a press junket in L.A. for the movie over the Aug. 10 weekend, but the plans have now been scrapped, according to a studio rep.

Having not heard any news of Rob appearing in the US for Cosmopolis press prior to the Q&A on the 15th, it seems that he was never confirmed to participate in a press junket.

  • AZPenguin


  • clreinhardt

    I really feel sorry for him. It seems to me that she just did take into consideration what this would do to him. :(

  • Terri

    Wish they would just leave him alone and let him do whatever he needs to do to make Robert happy!

  • betsy day

    Rob is a professional he will do his job. This is the very crap I’m talking about ..They are just itching 4 him 2 do something that they will say anything. I would may B be asking Why the Husband of a super model was wanting with a 22 yr old starlet . Let these 2 young adults (Rob & Kristen) figure out their relationship and move on to the movies they r in. Lord D Claude he is such a good guy, U just can’t fake his character why in the world would they want to hurt him? accountablility.

  • Marisa Guzman

    Miro caer las gotas de lluvia lluvia en la ventana sé que todo seguirá igual no cambiará mañana. Las lagrimas saladas, mojaban mis mejillas,
    mi carita empapada, los
    sueños, los sueños que morian. Te siento en ese beso que no fue, te siento en las ausencias, te siento en los escombros
    de este amor
    que me lleno de pena.

  • candy dinou

    i think rob deserves a better woman to make him really happy!keep your hand up rob and do not give up your career for a woman…………

  • White Feather

    My heart goes out to Rob. I pray he can heal from this wounds and that he will be able to love again. All relationships have their situations. I admit what she did was wrong on so many levels, but what we need to truly understand is the “Why” behind what happened and what was not seen in those pictures. We all make mistakes. I hope Kristen learned from this experience and both can move on from the mental, emotional and spiritual state they are both living in. My prayers are with you both.

  • Dorothy O

    My heart goes out to Robert and Kristen. I HOPE they can move on and work things out and be again. Life is to short and I believe everyone really deserves a SECOND chance in life.
    I don’t understand why Rupert isn’t getting all the hype and demeaning gossip about himself. He should have known better than to go after a woman half his age and he is married as well. He certainly isn’t the good guy and his wife is working things out with him…..How lucky he is in all this scandel. He’s also at fault of ruining Kristen and Rob’s life too.
    Robert…….if your reading this……open your heart and start again, work things out……You know YOU still love her, give life a second chance.

  • kels

    Please give kristen a second chance. everybody deserves one.

  • Deb

    My heart goes out for Rob. And the pain and the suffering he is going through. But to tell you the truth, this couple do not look very happy together. In all the pictures I’ve seen they look depressed. Maybe this just was not ment to be. Best of luck .

  • missboop

    she looks like a bitch ,she acts like a bitch ,and she is a real bitch for what she did to rob pattison .hope he dumps her for good .because she will do it again if given the chance .she is only upset because she got caught .

  • missboop

    she doesn’t

  • Sandra Carrillo g

    No es justo a cancelacion, esto no puede afectar tu carrera, tu no debes sentirte mal, solo ella, animo sigue tu vida saludos