Rob talks Cosmopolis, Twilight, and his ridiculous life in new interview

It has been a summer of discontent for Robert Pattinson. Since his longtime girlfriend and “Twilight” co-star Kristen Stewart was photographed in intimate poses with another man a few weeks ago, the heat on his life has been daunting.

How does he deal with it?”

“It drives you nuts,” he says of all the hoopla. “It’s just nuts.

“I don’t know how I cope with it. I really don’t know,” he says in a good-natured voice.

“At times, I find the whole thing pretty funny. It is pretty funny. My life is kind of ridiculous to me. It’s so absurd at time.”

Last week he fended off countless questions about the scandal while making the media rounds to promote “Cosmopolis,” his new film with director David Cronenberg (“A History of Violence,” “Eastern Promises”).

Through it all, he felt the love of his fans. The Twi-hards definitely have been Team Robert.

“I don’t credit that to myself,” Pattinson says. “It’s just that there is something elemental about the ‘Twilight’ books and the movies. The core story has connected to people.

“The fan love from that is kind of amazing. I guess it’s so much better than everyone hating you.”

By now he should have developed an attitude — if only he knew how.

“I want to change. I can’t make myself change. I can’t develop an attitude,” Pattinson says with a goofy giggle that is his trademark.

Adds Cronenberg, “I’ve seen him even try to change and it’s pathetic.”

In “Cosmopolis,” based on the novel by Don DeLillo, Pattinson plays a 28-year-old financial whiz kid and billionaire asset manager whose world is exploding. He gets into his stretch limo to get a haircut from his father’s old barber while wagering his company’s massive fortune on a bet against the Chinese Yuan. His trip across the city becomes a journey as he runs into city riots, various visitors and intimate encounters.

Filming in a limo for so long wasn’t claustrophobic.

“I actually kind of enjoyed it,” he says. “In the beginning, I wanted to stay in the car for the entire day. But it was so unbearably hot. I couldn’t really do this method.

“The car made me really concentrate.”

The London-born actor does an American accent in the movie. “I don’t even know what accent I was doing half of the time,” he admits. “I always found that the dialect was written in the lines.”

This fall, he plays vampire Edward Cullen in “Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” meant to be the final installment of the “Twilight” franchise.

Fans of the series are about to enter the depression zone, and Pattinson offers some words of hope.

“I’m sure they’ll have a ‘Twilight’ TV series spinoff soon. They’ll do it again,” Pattinson says.

Would he ever play Edward Cullen again?

“Who knows?” he says. “The only thing that creates a little bit of a problem is that I’m supposed to be 17 forever.

“I’m not sure I can be 17 forever,” he says with another giggle.

He is excited to see what the future holds for him in Hollywood and elsewhere.

“Life is all about luck,” he says. “Getting to this point was lucky. I just hope that my luck holds out.”

Ask him what he knows about life at this point that he didn’t know when he was younger, and he giggles again.

“I basically have learned that I know absolutely nothing,” he says. “I thought I knew it all. Again, I knew absolutely nothing.”


  • sablemink

    Rob, you have been blessed, not just lucky. Receive your blessing and run with it. Whenever you can, give something back or help someone else, and your blessing will last!

  • Bethany

    Well it was recently reported that Rob was on a date with Katy Perry, a very intimate and flirtacious dinner. Every time Rob was out with partying with Katy, they were supposedly friends. And when he was out partying with females, they potential co stars. I always wondered why he left Kristen at home. I can now understand why Kristen fell for the advances of an older man. It seems that Rob just wasn’t giving attention to the one he said he loved. He may be hurting but I think Kristen was also hurt from his partying with “friends”. I thought Rob would do the mature thing and at least talk to Kristen, find out why she would kiss another man. Makes sense that Katy told him to leave Kristen, now they can finally be together without the pretense of being “friends”.

  • Jessica

    you assume too much. we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. we should just focus on the work he makes n not so much on who he does or does not hang out with from one night to the next.

  • keepcalm1918

    Totally agree Jessica! So many of us can give an opinion about someone else’s relationship but it is usually just a reflection of our own relationships…..none of us REALLY knows nor should speculate about another couples’ private lives and private agreements about seeing friends, how often one goes out to socialize, etc. We don’t want people speculating or passing judgment on our lives yet, when we read about a Hollywood couple with personal issues, we feel we ‘know’ them because of characters they play on the big screens! I don’t know how couples survive in the gossip laden Hollywood press…..good luck to them in keeping their private lives private as they work out issues like we ALL do,

  • still in love

    i think we fell in love with this couple because we knew the chemistry was there the spark we have all felt once in a liftime. we want to believe in higher love – kizmit. forgiveness is the greatest gift of love rising above a mistake and showing loves true form. maybe the lesson is forgiveness not the eternal question why

  • Hopeful

    I wish Rob would forgive Kristen already and take her back!!! Those two have such a chemistry!! Why can’t he see that she is just young & was seduced by an older man??? That doesn’t make it right but it takes a very big person to forgive & give a person another chance!! Everyone makes mistakes in their life…give her a chance to make it right!!!

  • preetika

    I wish robert wud have ever focused on his dream the gal he sees..please contact me its imp robert..Realise it now before its too late..