Pictures: Rob at the NYC Premiere of Cosmopolis

Rob was in attendance at the NYC Premiere of Cosmopolis tonight at the Modern Museum of Art! Nearly 100 high quality pictures and counting have been added to the gallery, Rob looks great!

  • Chey

    Unbelievable! Was so happy to view this gallery tonight! Read the book, can’t wait to see the movie!

  • ele75

    Uwielbiam go a wygląda rewelacyjnie !!!!


    Dear Rob,
    You are the most handsome guy I have seen,for me to be a Fan of a celebrity is way too far,but you are the first celebrity i feel i should see you,there is something in you that attracts…please keep this going ,don’t let it die..all the best……nikki

  • Maja

    OMG, I cant breath! He´s smoky hot!!