New location and filming details on ‘The Rover’

The actor, who has a mass worldwide fan base thanks to The Twilight Saga films, will play a thief in the Outback in Animal Kingdom director David Michod’s futuristic western The Rover.

Guy Pearce has also been confirmed for the shoot, which will start in South Australia in late January next year.

Michod and producer Liz Watts scouted locations across SA, including the Flinders Ranges, earlier this month.

Flinders Ranges Mayor Peter Slattery said it would be a treat if Pattinson were in the region during the seven-week on-location shoot. Another two weeks will be shot at the Adelaide Studios.

“I daresay it would induce a bit of excitement in the area,” he said. “The spin-off effect is that the attention on them cross-promotes the area that we’re in. We certainly would be most enthused about him coming.”

Pattinson will have the choice of SA’s best Outback hospitality, from Wilpena Pound, luxury homestead Arkaba Station and Rawnsley Park Luxury Eco Villas to iconic tourist destination the Prairie Hotel in Parachilna.

The South Australian Film Corp has invested $450,000 in the project, which was approved in the latest round of Screen Australia funding.

The Rover’s overall funding budget is $12,250,000.

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