New Candids of Rob in NYC on Aug 14th & 16th

Some new shots of Rob out and about in NYC on both August 14th and August 16th have been added to the gallery!


  • mainegirl

    wish , i could of been in N.Y.C. this week, just to say hello,and get to meet ROBERT, I THINK HES SUCH A GREAT ACTOR,

  • JoAnn Dixson

    Mr. Pattinson you shine an explode off the movie screen when you act with miss Steward also stop dieing in your movies i’m to old for that i cryed for four days my first favor actor is John Wayne when he dies i cry like a babie your my second favor also stp shooting yourself my best friend shot got shot he did not die from the bullet the gun power kill him SORRY i’ve been mad at you i’ll still buy your movies Mr. Pattinson beside my daddy you soon to be xbrother in law Taylor that played in twilight an you are the only men i know that does not look good with the fur on your faces if you want to tell me off your more than welcome but i talk to you like your one of my three child i’m old enough well heck i’m 59 look like i’m 90 i’m a very ugly women my a dog but if every writting me PLEASE don’t use dixson Please use taylor i’m getting a divorce he made plain in the late 90 to married he kill my spirt i let myself go bad mistake no i’m playing for it but i’m going to get back in shape back to 125 lb. have a full body make over so my phone is 864-386-0872 until the middle of dec. moving to wingate, tx email until dec take care young man JoAnn Taylor