New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promo Pictures

Two new promotional pictures of Rob as Edward for Breaking Dawn Part 2 have been released! A higher quality version of a previously seen Edward and Bella picture has also been added to the gallery.


  • Milagro Ortiz

    love it

  • Danna Schow

    Only Love Prevails.

  • Daniela Caloian

    Robert is so sweet and funny !Kristen go far away from him !!!SHE DONT DESERVE HIM !All the best , Robert !

  • Linda Melo

    Rob!, this is the time to think and learn to love yourself more, this was your choice to be a public figure and sooner or later everyone goes over you like a bunch of “vultures” question you.So, be strong! my love, u´re much more than all that are talking about you, and I know that this huge wall in front of you is only a brick that you will to throw far with your strong hands.