Meeting Tai The Elephant

The girls at WaterForElephantsFilm.Com were lucky enough to get to meet Tai the elephant and learned a few things about the filming of the movie and details of Rob’s first meeting with Tai. Below are the tidbits about the movie but be sure to visit their site for the full article as well as pictures and video!

The studio in fact brought Rob, Reese and Christoph out to convice them to do the movie.

Rob fell in love with Tai after doing loads of tricks with her and seeing how intelligent she is. #TaiPattz anyone? He was all over her, thrilled to be in her presence. After the meeting when he was driving back to LA, he was calling people telling them how excited he was meeting her and doing the movie.

Reese loved Tai. They have a routine together in the movie, so she trained with Tai for countless hours over many weeks.
Christoph brought his whole family to meet Tai.

Everyone was a sweetheart and all were genuinely nice and very respectful of Tai.

Tai would recognize Rob and Reese because they spent so much time together on the set.

Tai would spend days at a time out on set to make it easy on her.

Rosie (the real one!) is also in WFE! She has a bit part in the “modern circus” scene.

Reese and Tai did a Vogue magazine shoot – not sure when it hits stands but probably March or April edition.

  • mairi

    so cute! but i really hope to make the movie that the elephant did not get hurt!!