‘Home Plate Project’ Organizer talks Robs involvement

The bidding war for Rob’s home plate artwork ‘Unfinished City’ ended yesterday with a winning bid of $6,400 for charity! Home Plate Project‘s organizer spoke about Rob’s involvement bringing attention to the project and what it has meant for them:

“Robert heard about us through his assistant Jeff. Jeff grew up with Cory Parsons, a key member of the Home Plate Project team.”

“Bids came in from all over. There was a worldwide response due to Robert Pattinson’s participation. It’s really what got us all the attention and helped us raise all this money.”

“The fact that a superstar like Robert Pattinson was willing to take the time to do a personal sketch is amazing.”

“It took us from a good little project to something that raised over $ 50,000.”

“Emory said the actor was told when the bid hit $ 3000 and that today (9/1) his assistant texted Pattinson the final, stonker bid.”