Cosmopolis US Promotion Round Up – Pictures, Videos, Interviews

Just in case you’ve missed any bit of Rob from the last two weeks of his Cosmopolis promotional tour around New York City and various television appearances here is a complete roundup of all of the events in chronological order! Don’t miss a single picture, video, or interview!

Cosmopolis NYC Premiere


Access Hollywood – Rob talks the fan support and the comfort of filming in a limo seat
MTV – Rob talks the pressure of being in every scene, and introducing fans to a new type of film
Reuters – Rob talks the fan’s support and how the role of Eric Packer fell into his lap
Associated Press – Rob talks fan support and all of the sex scenes
ZoominUK – Rob talks working with someone as confident as Cronenberg and the cast talks working with Rob
ET Online – Rob talks limos and working with Cronenberg
Movie Bytes – Rob talks whether his fans will like the film, initially being scared to take on Cosmopolis, and answers the question is money the root of all evil
ExtraTV – Rob talks fan support and Cosmopolis and walks away from a question
E!News – what Rob would say to his fans who had been waiting three days to catch a glimpse of him

The Daily Show

Full Video Here

Ringing the opening bell at the NYSE

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Press Junket

Showbiz Tonight – interviewer asks Rob how he’s doing, and Rob discusses the disassociated reality he’s been living in since the first Twilight movie
Cosmopolis Fan Page – Rob and David Cronenberg answer fan questions via Cosmopolis Facebook Fan Page
Associated Press – Rob and David talk success, critics, and money with Associated Press
ET – Rob and David talk what attracted them to Cosmopolis, working together with ET
Fox – Rob and David talk Cosmopolis, Rob’s Career with Fox
ScreenSlam – Rob and David talk Cosmopolis with ScreenSlam

Time – Rob and David Cronenberg talk Cosmopolis and future projects with TIME
MovieFone – Rob and David Cronenberg talk Cosmopolis, the NYSE, and more with MovieFone
NextMovie – Rob and David Cronenberg talk Cosmopolis and Superheros with NextMovie
LA Times – Rob and David Cronenberg talk Cosmopolis, media culture, money with LA Times
The Playlist – Rob talks existential western ‘The Rover’ with The Playlist
Associated Press – Rob and Cronenberg talk Cosmopolis, acting, and more with AP
Rotten Tomatoes – David Cronenberg talks all about Rob with Rotten Tomatoes – Casting, Cosmopolis, and Rob’s future
IndieWire – David Cronenberg talks Cosmopolis and Rob’s surprising performance with IndieWire
Miami Herald – Rob and David Cronenberg talk Cosmopolis with the Miami Herald
Boston Globe – Rob and David talk Cosmopolis, NYSE, their relationship, and more with Boston Globe
AZ Central – Rob and David talk Cosmopolis, Fame, Fans, Twilight with AZ Central
About.Com – David Cronenberg talks Cosmopolis and Rob with About.Com Movies
Little White Lies – Rob talks Cosmopolis, Cannes, his career, and movies with Little White Lies

August 14th Candids




Good Morning America

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HQ Stills


TimesTalks Q&A Session

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MTV First Interview

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Studio Pictures

Screen Captures

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Screen Captures

Arriving & Signing for fans