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Carey Mulligan talks ‘Hold On To Me’ status, meeting with Robert Pattinson

Carey Mulligan recently spoke with MTV for new film 'The Great Gatsby' and was asked about the status of 'Hold On To Me' with Robert Pattinson. Carey said that the two have discussed the film but that it has been put on hold for the moment, watch below! Carey... SEE MORE    


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Mission: Blacklist Screenwriter Dylan Kussman talks Robert Pattinson

Mission Blacklist France was lucky enough to get the chance to interview the film's screenwriter, Dylan Kussman! Lots of talk about Robert Pattinson and the film below: Tell us about your work for Mission: Blacklist and how you ended up being a part of this project? "I became involved with Mission: Blacklist when head writer and Executive Producer Erik... SEE MORE    

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Guy Pearce talks Robert Pattinson in The Rover: Beautiful face, great actor

Guy Pearce has started the promotional rounds for his role in the upcoming film 'Iron Man 3' and of course has a lot to say about his recent time spent on the set of 'The Rover' with Rob! From the Herald Sun: The two actors have just spent seven weeks together in the South Australian Outback, filming director David Michod's hotly-anticipated follow-up to... SEE MORE    

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Eric Maddox talks Robert Pattinson and Mission: Blacklist

Eric Maddox - interrogator, author and OU alumnus explained the process of finding and capturing Saddam Hussein and detailed the dilemmas he faced to about 300 people in Oklahoma Memorial Union’s Molly Shi Boren Ballroom. This same story is encapsulated in his... SEE MORE    

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David Michod talks Robert Pattinson on ‘The Rover’ with Who Magazine

With his buzz cut, bloodied face and bad teeth, Robert Pattinson's latest style is a far cry from his Twilight character Edward Cullen. The change is for new Australian film The Rover, which Pattinson, 26, is filming in South Australia. "He's very smart,"... SEE MORE    

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Stephenie Meyer talks the first time she met Robert Pattinson

In a recent interview with Twilight author Stephenie Meyer recalls the first time she met (and argued) with her Edward, Robert Pattinson, read below! For starters, we asked Stephenie her... SEE MORE