Candids: Rob spotted out in NYC today

Rob was spotted out in New York City again today! This time in slightly different attire; the white tshirt he can be seen wearing during the Cosmopolis press junket. Check out the pictures in the gallery!


  • Maybird36


  • Dee

    Sad face again. Can’t wait to see him smile a genuine smile again.

  • madfire3

    I also can’t wait to see him genuinely smile. I know alot of people want him to stay away from Kristen. I, however do hope they can work through this. When they were together, it was like electricity. They complemented each other so much. They were so private, now this is all over the place. I can’t imagine what either of them is going through. Time may be what they each need in order to see what they have lost. Just my thoughts.

  • Jean Ann Powell

    He will be back on top soon ….it takes time he’s a person and he does hurt ..she was someone he had all the trust in the world in and that a real hard one to move on from if a person ant trust what is left?


    YES , LOVED THE SMILE, THE happy one, WISH I WAS IN N.Y.C ,. JUST TO MEET THIS WONDERFUL YOUNG MAN. i .ll bring my beautiful , young granddaughter ‘s.

  • Blue831

    Rob, try to walk between the rain clouds, and remember …this too shall pass…hoping for your smile…….