Candid: Rob spotted at LAX today

Rob was spotted in LAX today! A lucky fan spotted him in the customs line and promptly snapped a picture to share:

Tweet from athenachen0126:

Zomg, staring at Robert Pattinson at the airport in the customs line next to me~ Ridiculous!

  • tls

    why can’t this ever happen to me? awesome!

  • ds

    Perhaps he’s headed to Toronto film festival to meet with a certain someone? Just saying…….

  • Bethany

    ds – I don’t think he would be going to Toronto, especially since he is determined to not even speak to Kristen. It’s understandable to be hurt but Rob should now be ready to talk with Kristen to find out what went wrong. If someone strays from a relationship, there is usually a good reason. If he were so in love, then isn’t that love worth fighting for? Rob just seems ready to move on with his “real good friend” Katy Perry. With “friends” like Katy so ready to pounce, I can understand why Kristen may have felt insecure. Rob isn’t perfect and he’s not Edward, he is hurting but so is Kristen. It’s time to do the mature thing. Makes me wonder if it really was true love on his part or just for show.

  • Alexandra Pattinson

    Mi Novio que hace por aya ?